The Greater Greenwood Parks and Trails Foundation is a 501C3 non profit organization which consists of volunteers that are working to move the parks movement forward in Greenwood.  GGPTF is a foundation that is able to obtain funding from the private sector of the community for building projects in Greenwood County.  GGPTF joins forces with The Parks Commission which is a government entity.  The Parks Commission was created to obtain funding through government grant opportunities.  The Parks Commission is also 100 % volunteer based.  Neither organization have ongoing revenue sources through the County or City of Greenwood.

See Grace Street Park: a Pot of Gold for Greenwood video for park progress update

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On August 14, 2014, the Greater Greenwood Parks and Trails  Foundation was was awarded a $2500 grant from Greenwood County Community Community Foundation for the purchase of  equipment for the Grace Street Dog Park .

Greetings everyone!  With great excitement we bring you news of the Grace Street Dog Park!

Construction of the new park is moving along quickly, and we are now fully funded through Stage One which will include fencing, water access, and signage.  With deep gratitude to SPF North America, Inc, their generous donation has made it possible for us to complete construction and open!

Much more will be needed, however, to make the dog park everything we have dreamed of for so long.  There will be more comfort items required, such as picnic tables, additional water fountains, bag stations, and ongoing maintenance.  We wanted a way both to show our excitement and support of the park, as well as provide the needed funds to move into Stage Two, so we have created the first-ever shirt commemorating the dream.  Our Grace Street Dog Park shirt features the new Greater Greenwood Parks and Trails Foundation logo designed by a Lander graduate, as well as the Playing Pup logo drawn by a member of the Dog Park committee.  We are thrilled with the happiness in the shirt and the connections it bridges with members of our Greenwood community!

Attached you will find a Complete Dog Park Shirt Order Form 070314 form to purchase shirts and water bottles to share in the building of our park.  Each shirt brings in $8 profit!  But even better, a generous supporter in Greenwood is MATCHING those funds up to $3,000 until August 15th!  With each purchase you make, you will be doubling the donation coming into the Grace Street Dog Park.  Please also consider forwarding this email and it’s accompanying order form to those you know who might also like to support our efforts.  Every purchase, large or small, will help make history in Greenwood!

For more information please visit, and our Facebook group “Greater Greenwood Parks & Trails Foundation”.  We would love to hear from you, answer questions, or help you become involved.  And don’t forget to Come Play with us.


The Greater Greenwood Parks and Trails Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which consists of volunteers that are working to move the parks movement forward in Greenwood.